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Transition from a hobbyist solo game dev, to working in a real game company.

Are you a beginning game dev? Then you properly work solo. And it’s a good place to start. Learning the engine and it’s endless possibilities. However, most games dev companies work in teams, requiring experience in team-based tasks and it can be a tricky transition.

For example: the first step into transitioning from a solo dev to collaborating with a team of other developers and designers can be challenging at first.

You might run into obstacles like:

  • Missing a network of contacts who to work with
  • Source control → while GitHub is the saving grace of working in projects with multiple people, though due to the steep learning curve most of the time it’s a love hate relationship
  • Technical communication → misunderstandings due to different skillsets
  • International communication → language, and culture barriers

Project perfect gamers is founded to give you a chance to gain experience of working in a team. Build up a resumé / portfolio with your contribution to releases on Steam and consoles. Project perfect gamers is a place where you will open up new paths for your future.

At Project perfect gamers you will learn:

To work on a commercial release: on Steam, Consoles, and mobile.
To work with a bigger codebase
How to get 200% more done by effectively communicating in a team
Manage GitHub repositories / Source control
Understand design patterns
Fix bugs together by audio / video calls
Specialize on specific parts of a game → find your core strength

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Now you have gained experience a working team, with other game developers. Network, follow your dreams, what do you want to do next? Dream, the sky is the limit!

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Unity development
Graphical design
3d modeling and animation
Sound design / music producer

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